Letní škola a extramurální praktický výcvik


Summer school 12th July – 25th July 2020


We are very apologize but we must cancel the course of Summer school 2020 due to the Government Regulation against a coronavirus pandemic (COVID - 19). Of course, we will return the money to the registered participants. The next Summer school will be in the year 2021. I look forward to seeing you soon.


10th Summer School of Food Hygiene 12th July – 25th July 2020




Location:  Faculty of Veterinary Hygiene and Ecology of the University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno, Czech Republic welcomes undergraduate and postgraduate students in the Summer School of Food Hygiene that will take place in the area of university campus - Palackého 1946/1, 612 42 Brno at an interesting location in the hearth of Europe.



  • Program of summer school is focused on expanding the standard of practical and theoretical knowledge and skills of students of the veterinarian faculties in branch of veterinary hygiene and food safety.
  • Acquired knowledge meets the requirements for qualification of official veterinarians according to the Regulation of the European Parliament and Council Regulation (EC) no. 854/2004, laying down specific rules for the organization of official controls on products of animal origin intended for human consumption.
  • During the course, the acquired knowledge and practical skills meet the requirements for quality of veterinarian control in food hygiene within the European space.
  • Summer school is designed primarily for students of foreign veterinary faculties and the length of the course is 2 weeks. The first week is focused on the food hygiene and technology and the second one on milk hygiene and technology.
  • The courses have been devised by experienced academics and offer both theoretical knowledge and practical seminars with experienced lecturers. The language of the course is English.

Examples of course topics:

  • Meat: Identification and registration of animals. Transport of animals. Classification of carcasses. Inspection of carcasses of animals. How to make sausages? How food can be harmful. The usual patho-anatomic findings in cattle and pigs - what is edible and what is not? Try to make theCzech sausages!
  • Fish: Handling with live fish during their sales, fresh and frozen fish - freshness criteria. Farmed fish. Sushi production.
  • Sanitation in food production. Sanitation in slaughterhouses. HACCP - use at the University.
  • Game: Breeding and production game.
  • Microbiology of food: Diseases from food. Make your own yogurt and cheese! Determination of parameters of honey. Checking the quality of raw milk.
  • Detection of residues and the methods.
  • Antibiotic resistance…

Fee:     600 EUR for the whole two - week course, the participant can attend only 1 week of the summer school – in this case, the fee is 300 EUR.

The fee includes 34 hours of quality English language teaching per week, maximum of 12 students per class, accommodation in the university dormitory, 1 - 2 full day external excursion per week, study materials, guided tour around the center of Brno with the visit of wine cellar in the first day of the course.

Deadline for the payment: 30th April 2020

 (payment realized until 31st March 2020 – 550EUR!)


Contact: pistekovav@vfu.cz or dolezelovajana@vfu.cz



2020 - invitation,  application form


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Upoutávka na letní školu

Extramural Practical training - EPT


The Assembly of the Federation of Veterinarians of Europe (FVE) has several sections (UEVP, UEVH, EASVO and EVERI), of which EVERI (European Veterinarians in Education, Research and Industry) deals with education at veterinary universities. The Czech Republic is one of the member countries (representatives from the Veterinary Chamber and VFU Brno). Among other things, EVERI provides financial support to selected students who can participate in one of the established Extramural practical training (EPT) programs. These are usually 1-2 week programs focused on topics that are not a common part of teaching at veterinary universities. So far, 4 EPTs have been created: Aquatic Medicine (Norway, Oslo), Vets and Bees (Croatia, Zagreb), Veterinary Policy Making (UK, London) and One Health (CR, Brno).


EPT - Public Health and Food Safety (in English) - the first realised in 2017
Students can choose 2 out of 4 weeks of the Summer Hygiene School program.
The application form must be sent by 15. May

Contact e-mail: bartovae@vfu.cz







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